* Encourage full participation and active involvement of the MWCG membership; and

* Foster, advocate, mentor, and support women who may be interested in public service.

To paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King’s prophetic statement, our destiny and our success as women is inextricably entwined.  With your help, I know we can continue to be energetic advocates for women in city government at all levels.  With your help, I know we have the strength to move mountains!  As women, we have accomplished much, but there is store more to do!  This is why I am so excited to be a part of this dynamic organization and thank you for giving me this opportunity!











Greetings are extended to you on behalf of the Minnesota Women in City Government (MWCG) Board of Directors.  On June 23, 2010, during our Annual Meeting in St. Cloud, I humbly accepted the nomination of President and was elected by the membership. 


This gives me an opportunity to pay homage to our Past President, Mary McComber, for her excellent leadership over the past four years.  Mary has offered unwavering encouragement, guidance, and support throughout my years of Board experience with MWCG.  For all that she has done for MWCG, and for elected and appointed women officials throughout the State of Minnesota, she

deserves our hearty thanks for her service.

As President, my intent is to move forward with a meaningful purpose and focus on initiatives that will enhance our service to women (and men) throughout Minnesota and set the standard for building bridges of understanding.  I believe it is important to continue championing the causes of women, especially in politics, and for empowering women to become involved in developing their own destiny.


With the approval of the Board, my objectives this term are to review our processes and make changes, if necessary, to ensure we are providing excellent service to our colleagues.  Some of the enhancements we hope to accomplish this year are to:

* Implement quality measures to guide us in assessing how we can improve our services;

* Review By-laws to ensure they more closely mirror our actions;

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Minnesota Women

in City Government

Board of Directors


· President:

Sandra Means

(Term Expires 2012)

· Vice President

Marcia Marcoux

(Term Expires 2012)

· Secretary

Marian Clennon

(Term Expires 2013)

· Treasurer

Emily White

(Term Expires 2013)

· Past President

Mary McComber

(Term Expires 2012)

· Directors

                 Jennifer Pinski

                 (Term Expires 2013)

                 Ruth Ann Webster

                 (Term Expires 2012)

                 Jessica Anderson

                 (Term Expires 2013)

                 Theresa Furman

                 (Term Expires 2012)

                 Danna Elling-Schultz

                 (Term Expires 2012)

                 Mary Hamann-Roland

                 (Term Expires 2013)

· Liaison

                 Ann Higgins, LMC

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